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By January 16, 2020 Uncategorized

Toxin ingestion by your family pet can be a stressful and worrisome experience but I want to walk you through a few things to do that can save their life.

Rat bait
We all know that rat/mice bait (like Decon bait blocks) are toxic to dogs and cats but what do you do if your pet ingests these substances? The most important thing to do: bring the box of bait to our office. There are three main types of rat poison and all three cause different symptoms therefore if we know what type it is we can better treat your pet. Also providing us a timeframe when the toxin was eaten helps determine treatment as well.

Main thing to remember for chocolate ingestion is: Darker chocolate=more cocoa=more toxic.
Bringing the container,bag,or ingredient list into the office can also very helpful. It is imperative to always call us after a chocolate ingestion but know there are other resources you can contact if desired including ASPCA Pet Poison Control (888) 426-4435 or even online you can access a chocolate toxicity calculator that can help you determine what symptoms to look for after ingestion. The link is attached below
Understand that this calculator is only an estimate and does not replace bringing your pet in for us examine.

Raisins or Grapes
The most important thing to know about raisins or grapes is there is no known/researched minimal dosage that can cause renal (kidney) damage for pets. This being said any amount of grapes or raisins effects every animal differently. We all know that dog that has eaten grapes and has been fine but in my experience even one grape can cause kidney failure in a dog. What should we do then? Any grapes/raisins ingestion bring them in ASAP.

Things to remember
– Call us as soon as you think an ingestion has happened 970-663-6046
– Grab any containers or ingredient lists that include concentration of the toxin
– Understand that your pet will need to be dropped off for a period of time for treatment and observation
-Remain calm and we will work through this together

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